New Art Work for MTI

Writing – Art Piece for M.T.I
My name is /Daniel MacGillivray and I am a self-taught artist from Snells Beach/Warkworth. I am a painter of many things. I don’t have one focus and I change styles and switch between different themes quite often so the rush I get from painting keeps flowing. I don’t like the idea of repeating the same thing over and over. I do what I want and the freedom is amazing.
I’m a student at M.T.I and I’m taking the Hospitality course that they offer. The Manager, Adrian found out I was an artist and he asked me if I could do a mural for the Institute even though he had not seen any of my paintings. I was really surprised cause he had no idea of what to expect (which made me wonder whether they would like the painting or not). I kindly said yes because it would get me some publicity which is what I really needed. The idea of the painting was to include three courses at M.T.I (Hospitality, Superyacht and Automotive) and I did that by using three main images to symbolise the courses. For the Superyacht course I painted a Superyacht on huge waves coming from the left side. I chose the colour of the yacht to match the colour of the dingy out the front of the M.T.I complex. For the Automotive course I painted a blue Ford GT with the engine sticking out and aiming towards the cafe in the painting (as if the car was on its way there, same for the Superyacht). For the Hospitality course I had painted a cafe with people dining out the front and an espresso portafilter up in the clouds pouring espresso into a cup that has beans falling into it and the espresso swirling around the Ford. I included the Sky Tower on a lean being wrapped by the coffee to represent Auckland, New Zealand. I also included three eels coming from the waves because M.T.I also does eel breeding. Two of the eels are facing the same direction as the yacht and the Ford, but is facing up to the left corner at the M.T.I logo. I painted it that way hoping that the eels would make the viewer look to the logo as well.

Daniel MacGillivray – NCES – Hospitality Student and budding artist.
I came to M.T.I because I wanted to change things in my life and get a focus on what I want to do. Even since being at M.T.I things have changed for me in a really good way. I now have an idea of my plans for the next few years and I feel like a better person from being at M.T.I.