5. Terms and conditions of acceptance

By signing the enrolment form you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Entry Criteria
Age: International students must be over 18 years of age.

English Language Proficiency: Mahurangi Technical Institute is not an English language school, therefore a competent level and understanding of the English language is required prior to acceptance on to any programme.
If you are in doubt regarding your English proficiency please complete an IELTS (or similarly approved NZQA test) of which you will require a minimum 5.5 pass or 6.0 for the MIT Certificate in Aquatic Studies. Please attach to the enrolment form a copy of any IELTS or equivalent test results.

Rules and Regulations
The following rules and regulations apply to the time you are studying at the Institute.

Attendance Rules
-You are expected to attend your classes every Institute day and arrive on time.
-If you cannot attend the institute because of illness or another reason you must contact the institute (09 425 8493 or 0800 DONT SINK) early in the morning as soon as possible to let us know.
-If you are away sick for three consecutive days you will be asked for a medical certificate.
-You must attend class for a minimum of 80% of the tuition time or you may not be eligible to sit an assessment.
-If you need to take leave from your studies you must apply in writing to the Course Tutor giving your reason for the leave.
-If you do not attend the institute regularly or are absent without good reason you may face disciplinary action and not be allowed to continue your studies. The NZ Immigration Service will be informed and your visa may be cancelled.

Behaviour Rules
-You must treat Institute students, staff and homestay family members with respect.
-You must treat the property of institute students, staff and homestay families with respect. If you damage – — Institute property in any way you must report it immediately and you may be charged for it.
-You must not use bad or offensive language at any time.
-You must not bring or use alcohol or drugs on any Institute premises.
-You must not bring any sort of weapon to institute or engage in fighting.
-You must not smoke in the building or Campus grounds.
-You must keep the Institute tidy and clean up areas after use.
-You must be attentive and not disruptive in class.
-You must turn off mobile phones in class.
-You must complete your set homework before your next class.
-You must not eat food in class.
-You must not enter restricted areas such as offices, storerooms, computer rooms, laboratories when classes are not being conducted.
-You must tell the Enrolments Officer if you change your accommodation address and any contact details, such as land and mobile phone numbers, email address, etc.

If you do not follow any of the Institute rules and regulations you will get:
– a first written warning
– a second written warning
– a dismissal notice from the Director
Warnings are not necessarily for the same offence.
Instant dismissal is possible for gross misconduct such as destroying property, supplying false information, fighting, theft or bringing or taking alcohol or drugs on the premises or bringing MIT into disrepute.
If you are dismissed, you cannot continue with any course at the Institute and you will not get a refund for the part of the course you have not attended. If you are dismissed from the Institute and on a student visa, then the Institute has to advise the Immigration NZ  of your dismissal. If this happens, Immigration NZ may cancel your student visa.
An appeal against dismissal should be made in writing within three days. The Director will respond within three days with a decision.

Refunds and Withdrawals
If you wish to withdraw from a course you must complete the MIT Withdrawal Form, which you can request from the office. The withdrawal policy is outlined below and in your Student Handbook or you may wish to speak with the International Student Advisor.

Before commencement of the course
If you wish to withdraw before the course commences you must notify MIT in writing at least five working days prior to course commencement. If a student notifies MIT a full refund will be made, minus administration costs of 10% of the total fees or $500.00 whichever is less. All necessary enrolment documentation would need to be completed and returned to MIT to receive a refund.

After course commencement
If you are enrolled for a course of up to and including four weeks and six days and notification of withdrawal is received in the first two days of the course, you will receive a refund of 50% of your course fees. If your notification is received after two days there is no refund.

If you are enrolled for a course between five and 13 weeks your notification of withdrawal is received in the first five days of the course, you will receive a refund of 75% of your course fees. If your notification is received after five days from the start of the course there is no refund.

If you are enrolled for a course for more than 13 weeks and notification of withdrawal is received in the first eight days of the course, you will receive a refund of your full fees, less NZ$500 or 10%, whichever is the lesser. If notification is received after eight days from the course start there will be no refund.

If the institute is not able to offer your course for some reason you will get a refund of your full fees. If your course starts and then is cancelled you will get a refund for the number of weeks of teaching not offered to you. If this happens, the institute will do everything it can to enrol you in another course that meets your learning needs.

Currency Fluctuations
You will be notified of the exchange rate at the time of enrolment. Refunds are made at the current exchange rate at the time of withdrawal.
NOTE: MIT keeps your course fees in a trust account which means that they are protected for the time you are studying.