STCW Basic

STCW – Basic

STCW certification was established to promote safety of life and property at sea and to protect the marine environment by establishing international Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, thus ensuring that seafarers on board ships are qualified and fit for the duties at sea.

The STCW courses are mandatory for most candidates wishing to work in the commercial maritime industry. There is no sea time requirement to attend this course. Holders of the STCW Basic Training Certificate can further their career path into RYA/MCA qualifications for skippers of vessels under 24m or mates of vessels up to 500 tonnes.

Theoretical & Practical Training
All course modules involve both classroom and practical training including fire fighting in a purpose bulit simulator. Life raft drills are undertaken at Sandspit wharf.
Hands-on exercises also take place during the Basic First Aid module while learning CPR and dealing with emergency scenarios. Students are to complete written assessments plus meet the practical requirements to obtain the STCW certificates.

Candidates who successfully complete Basic Training will receive:
-STCW Competence in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Certificate (Basic Fire Fighting)
-STCW Competence in Personal Survival Techniques Certificate (Basic Sea Survival)
-STCW Competence in Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities Certificate (PSSR)
-STCW Competence in Elementary First Aid Certificate
-STCW Security Awareness Training (SAT)
-Maritime New Zealand Certificate of STCW Basic Training
Certificates will be issued within one week of course completion.

Duplicate/Damaged Certificates
Please take care of your certificates. We do not issue duplicate certificates more than 5 years old. If you lose your certificate or receive it in the post damaged we can issue a reprint for you. Replacement certificates cost $20.00 each. You can apply for a certificate reprint by email.
Note: In accordance with STCW there is a requirement for the Fire Fighting and Sea Survival certificates to be re-validated within five years of the date of issue.

2020 Course Dates
9 Jan – 17 Jan; 20 Jan – 29 Jan:
10 Feb – 18 Feb: 20 Feb – 28 Feb(SYC)5 Mar- 13 Mar (SYC)16 Mar -24 Mar(SYC
19 Mar – 27 Mar(SYC):30th Mar-7 Apr: ;
7 May – 15May ;15 Jun-23 Jun
29 Jun – 7 Jul(SYC): 13 Jul – 21 Jul(SYC)
3 Aug -11 Aug :3 Sept – 11 Sept
1 Oct – 9 Oct(SYC):12 Oct -20 Oct(SYC)
9 Nov- 17 Nov: 26 Nov – 4 Dec2020 Student Fees (inclusive of GST):
STCW Basic Fire Fighting:NZ$1220.00
STCW Basic Sea Survival: NZ$345.00
STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities NZ$170.00
STCW First Aid: NZ$345.00
STCW Security Awareness Training: $120.00

Please ring to confirm availability of space before completing enrolment form.

Total duration of the full STCW program is seven days. Duration of the individual STCW courses are as follows:
Competence in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention: two and a half days
Personal Sea Survival Techniques: two days
Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities: half a day
Security Awareness Training: half a day
Elementary First Aid: two daysClass Size:
Maximum course numbers = 14Entry Requirement:
-Due to practical elements in the Fire Fighting and Sea Survival courses, all candidates should be of reasonable fitness.
-A Medical Certificate of Fitness from a qualified medical practitioner is required. The medical form is provided by MTI on enrolment. ENG 1 medicals accepted. Click here to download medical form.
-While facial hair is not encouraged beards will require trimming to ensure breathing apparatus facial mask seal is maintained.

Student Benefits:
Student loans and allowances are not available for this package.

This course is accredited by Maritime New Zealand.

Further Information & Enrolments Please click here to request an information/enrolment pack.

* We can also supply BA (Breathing Apparatus) portable fire and extinguisher training in your workplace.

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