Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL)

Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL)

New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits)

This programme is designed for people who wish to be a skipper of a commercial vessel up to 24 metres in length, operating up to 12 nautical miles off the New Zealand coast.

Completion of this approved training programme leads to the New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits) qualification. This qualification is a pre- requisite to applying for a Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) Skippers Restricted Limits (SRL) licence.

The SRL is a commercial maritime licence, issued by Maritime New Zealand. With an SRL licence, you can perform a skipper’s functions and duties on:

  • passenger and non-passenger vessels less than 12 metres length overall, carrying up to 12 passengers, operating within restricted limits in the maritime transport or tourism industries
  • fishing vessels less than 12 metres length overall, operating within the inshore fishing limits.
  • For information about gaining an endorsement to your SRL licence to allow you to be the skipper on vessels up to 24 metres, see the MNZ SRL licence guidelines on the MNZ website

This programme is flexible, with online/distance learning modules designed to be completed before a consolidating block course period on campus. The online learning modules also integrate and support the completion of your SRL training record book, while you are working on board a vessel. Therefore it is recommended that students are employed or engaged in the maritime industry prior to enrolling, in order to be able to complete all the tasks in the SRL training record book, and gain the required sea-time.

The programme will ensure you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical competencies required. A minimum of 200 hours sea time will be required to complete the SRL training record book.

Throughout your enrolment, your tutor will support you with the learning modules and completion of your training record book.

Click here for a copy of the MNZ SRL Training Book.
Click here for a copy of SRL Guidelines.

Programme modules

You will complete the following modules during your programme of study:

  • Coastal Navigation
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Management of Restricted Limits Vessel Safety and Compliance
  • Maritime Restricted Operators Certificate (MROC)
  • Engineering – Operation and Maintenance
  • Life Raft Launching and Sea Survival Techniques
  • STCW Elementary First Aid
  • Fire Prevention and Extinguisher Training.

Once the SRL programme is successfully completed, graduates will be able to:

    • Plan a passage and navigate using electronic and non- electronic navigational systems
    • Operate a restricted limits vesse
    • Maintain legal compliance on a restricted limits vessel
    • Maintain safety and respond to emergencies on a restricted limits vessel
    • Operate vessel propulsion, auxiliary machinery and systems
    • Maintain vessel propulsion, auxiliary machinery and systems.

Duration and Fees

The SRL programme runs for 26 weeks which is made up of:

Week 1 – Week 22
    • online / distance learning modules covering navigation, engineering, safety and compliance and
    • completion of your SRL Training Record Book while you gain your sea-time.

Note: MNZ require you to complete a minimum of 200 hours sea time as deck crew, whilst completing your training record book. (note – it may take you longer than 200 hours to complete all the activities in the training record book).

Week 22 – Week 26 consolidating block courses:
    • STCW Basic Safety Training(Elementary First Aid)   $287.00 (optional if cross credit applies)
    • Vessel Machinery and Systems                                        $510.00
    • Navigation                                                                            $374.00
    • Electronic Navigation and MRROC (Radio) course    $374.00
    • Safety and Compliance.                                                     $510.00
    • total fees                                                                              $2055.00

All online modules and the SRL Training Record Book must be completed prior to attending the block courses. To help you complete these tasks, you will receive on-going support from our SRL team.

The First Aid and MRROC (Radio) ancillary certificates are included in your 26 week programme, and you will receive separate certificates for these at the end of your programme.

*MIT course fees do not include your MNZ Skipper Restricted Limits application fee or any medical examination or eyesight test fees.

MNZ Requirements

Once you have completed the SRL programme (MNZ approved training), and passed your MNZ Final Oral Examinations, you will need to apply to MNZ for your SRL licence. All forms and guidelines for SRL can be found on the Maritime New Zealand website

To receive your SRL licence, MNZ currently require you to:

  1. provide evidence of the required seatime for SRL
  2. complete the approved SRL training including your SRL training record book
  3. pass the MNZ Final Oral Examinations for Nautical and Engineering
  4. complete the MNZ SRL Application form
  5. complete the MNZ Fit and Proper Person form
  6. supply your First Aid and MRROC certificates
  7. supply the required MNZ identification, photos, medical and eyesight certificates.

Note 1: For seatime requirements, please see the MNZ SRL guidelines on the MNZ website.

Note 2: The above requirements are subject to change by MNZ, therefore you should always refer to the MNZ website for current requirements.


*Please note ALL fees are inclusive of GST.

*PLEASE NOTE: All listed qualifications and fees could be subject to change based on the requirement to use new qualifications.


The New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits) (Level 4) qualification is recognised by Maritime New Zealand as the approved training for the issue of the MNZ SRL licence.

Learners are required to complete the whole qualification.


Click here for a copy of Medical Fitness Form for student
Click here for a copy of Medical Examination for GP (The GP must send this through to MNZ)
Click here for a list of MNZ Approved Medical Practitioners
Click here for a list of MNZ Approved Optometrists
Click here for a copy of the Eyesight Report (The optician must send this through to MNZ)
Click here for a copy of a Fit and Proper Person form
Click here for a copy of the Seafarers Certificate Application form

Course Dates

SRL March 2020 Courses
Block course dates on site at Warkworth

Course 1: 9th  Dec 2019 to 19th June 2020

25th -29th May  5 day vessel machinery systems MNZ oral exam 29th may:

01st – 5th June navigation: 8th – 12th June Electronic navigation, 15th – 19th June Safety and Compliance MNZ Oral exam 19th June.

Course 2: 20th April 2020 to 16th October 2020

21st -25th September 5 day vessel machinery systems MNZ oral exam 25th September:

28th Sept – 2nd Oct: Navigation: 5th – 9th Oct: Electronic navigation, 12th – 16th Oct: Safety and Compliance MNZ Oral exam 16th Oct.

New Zealand Maritime School City campus – has 4 courses

for details please contact NZMS on 093794997

*Please note that course dates may be subject to change.

For further information please contact the office.