Maritime Restricted Operators

Maritime Restricted Radio Operators Certificate (MRROC)

Formerly the restricted Radio Telephone Operators Certificate (RRTOC), the MRROC course is a one day course (subject to numbers). Students are required to read the Maritime New Zealand Radio Handbook prior to the course (available at MIT). The course involves a powerpoint presentation covering voice procedure, distress calling, VHF/MF and HF radios.
This is followed by a 40 minute written/oral exam. Candidates are required to learn the phonetic alphabet e.g. A – Alpha, B – Bravo, C – Charlie and pay particular attention to the Distress calling (mayday, mayday, received, mayday relay) procedures when reading the Radio handbook.

Entry Requirement
16 years and over.

Training takes place over one day. Hours 9.00 am – 4.30 pm.

Class Size
Maximum of 10, minimum of 6.

Course Dates:
Please contact the office for available dates.

$120.00 incl GST (price subject to change).

Maritime Restricted Radio Operators Certificate issued by Radio Spectrum Management.

For queries about this course and availability, please contact:
Rusty O’Kane – ARX Examiner
Phone: 0800 DontSink (0800366874)
Alison Clifford – MRROC Administrator