Testimonials – Domestic

Glynn Anderson – Aquaculture 2007

Manager – Marconee Seafoods

“I was in commercial fishing for 12 years and wanted a change but wanted to stay in the industry. Before I did the course at MTI I knew nothing of water quality and maintenance. The course taught me systems, how pumps, filters, aerators and temperature affect water quality and basically how to keep animals alive. It’s a bit different to having your goldfish in your fish tank! The course taught me about the biology of marine and aquatic species and it got me a job. The course isn’t stuck on a single path; we did electric fishing which was new to me plus the Tech has an active fish hatchery. If you’re doing something on pumps and filters you get to se how it all works, first hand. It is a good course if you want to get established in the aquaculture industry. The course opened up opportunities for all the students in the class.”

Ben Yelavich – Automotive Graduate 2010

“My name is Ben Yelavich. I was a student at Mahurangi Technical Insititute. I went to the Automotive course with not much knowledge about cars. After around seven months I think I could take care of my vehicle with my own two hands. I went to Tech with my general knowledge on Maths and English; things that were taught from primary school I had forgotten. But after seven months I remembered a lot of it when we did the work for the simple Maths and English questions.
My personal opinion on this course is that most people who are taking this course are people who don’t achieve at school (no offense) but this is a really great course for those people. If you put yourself into it and come every day you learn a lot, you also get your NCEA credits from it.
The automotive tutor, Cedric – is the man! This guy is a person who takes teenagers off the street and can actually turn them into something, once again if they put themselves into it. Kathy, your English and Maths tutor, she will help you understand things you aren’t sure on. She knows her stuff, let her do her job and help you.
The people around Tech are not bad people. There is a pool table and ping pong, also you have a vending machine. I really enjoyed my time at Manhurangi Technical Institute – February until September 2010.”