Tech release Giant Kokupu

Mahurangi Tech release Giant Kokupu

Mahurangi Tech release Giant Kokupu
MTI Giant Kokopu Release In Orewa
MTI aquaculture students provided 30 farms raised Giant Kokopu (Galaxias argenteus) for release
in the Nukumea Stream, Orewa. This project, originally conceived by the aquaculture team in
2005, was funded by the Northern Gateway Alliance, builders of the Northern Toll road, as
part of their policy of environmental remediation.
The Kokopu, which had been raised from eggs at the MTI aquaculture research and Certificate in
Aquatic Studies training facility in Warkworth each had a radio transmitter inserted and their movements
for the next two years will be monitored by NIWA via streamside monitoring stations that have been
installed. Provided this trial proves successful, there will be up to 1000 fish released in
2011. It is hoped that this will establish a stable population of Giant Kokopu, a species
that were once common in this catchment but have not been recorded there for many years.