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Dr. Tagried Kurwie

Tagried has a PhD in fish nutrition from Aston University in Birmingham, UK. That study focused on carp and rainbow trout and subsequently she has gained broad experience in the culture and nutrition of many other fish species throughout Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Borneo, Northern Africa and Iraq.
Tagried is a New Zealand citizen and joined the research staff of Mahurangi Technical Institute in 1997 where she is currently the Senior Fish Scientist at MTI’s aquaculture research facility in Warkworth. There she has been is responsible for the research into the breeding of grass carp, silver carp, redfin perch, eels and a number of other native New Zealand fish including several of the whitebait species.
She has also developed programmes for improving the nutrition of adult fish to improve viable egg production and of larval fish to improve both survival and growth rates.
Taried’s growing international reputation has led to invitations to many fisheries research institutions overseas and to participate in an international expedition to the Sargasso Sea to study natural nutrition in the marine phase of larval eels.

Particular Areas of Expertise:
* Fish nutrition
* Fish breeding (wide range of species)
* Fish sterilization technology
* Fish culturing conditions
* Aquaculture consultancy

David Cooper

Currently Special Projects manager at Mahurangi Technical Institute, David has spent a lifetime in the ornamental fish industry. This has included owning two aquarium stores, serving as an aquatic and training manager for another chain of aquarium and water garden stores, owning a water plant nursery (aquarium plants and water garden plants), and owning an aquarium and water garden installation and maintenance company. He is also a consultant to the ornamental fish industry throughout New Zealand (both retail and wholesale businesses), and is a prolific author of articles on “fishy” topics.

David was instrumental in the conception and production of the Certificate in Companion Animal Services, New Zealand’s first qualification for the retail pet industry, currently offered by Mahurangi Technical Institute. David wrote the aquatic and advanced aquatic components of this qualification and serves part time as aquatics tutor on that course (currently over 300 students).

David holds qualifications in Adult Teaching and Retail Management. He is also responsible for sales and marketing of this aquatic consultancy service and is likely to be the first port of call for new clients.

Particular Areas of Expertise:

* Aquarium store design and construction
* Aquarium store staff training
* Ornamental fish industry consultant
* Fish breeding (ornamentals and NZ Native Freshwater fish)
* Aquarium and Water Garden design and troubleshooting (Planted Aquaria and Reef Aquaria are specialities)

Dr. John Walsby

John is the biology tutor at Mahurangi Technical Institute in the Certificate in Aquatic Studies course, a position that is part time. In addition, John leads eco tours within New Zealand, acts as a consultant on inshore marine ecosystems to government bodies such as the Department of Conservation, Ministry of Fisheries, and regional councils. These services include shellfish population monitoring, water sampling and the design and delivery of shoreline monitoring programs.
John also regularly writes and illustrates books and magazines (NZ Geographic in particular) and was for many years the regular “Nature Watch” correspondent in the NZ Herald. He also designs and writes educational material in the field of biology and writes and illustrates pamphlets, informational notice boards and other informational material for environmental agencies. From 1970 to 1985 John was a lecturer and research fellow at the University of Auckland and he holds a BSc (Hons.) and a PhD in marine biology from London University.

Particular Areas of Expertise:

* Training and education
* Sign and leaflet design
* Environmental Impact Reports
* Inshore marine biology
* Shellfish biology

Paul Decker

Paul has very broad experience in all aspects of aquaculture. From a fish farming background in Queensland he was recruited in 1983 to design and built New Zealand’s largest freshwater fish farm and has subsequently owned and operated oyster farms and commercial fishing vessels in New Zealand. He continues to operate an environmental consultancy company specialising in aquatic ecosystems, fish transfers and introductions and the related Environment Impact Assessments (EIA’s). As author of over 100 EIA’s he is very experienced in all aspects of compliance.
In 1989 he established Mahurangi Technical Institute, New Zealand’s first Aquaculture school which under his directorship has become this country’s largest maritime training facility.
As a practising consultant to government bodies, regional councils and public companies, Paul provides advice on culturing fish, fish population monitoring, water sampling and the design and delivery of environment management plans. He maintains a “hands-on” involvement in fish breeding at Mahurangi Technical Institute’s fish farm premises in Warkworth.

Particular Areas of Expertise:
* Aquaculture training and education
* Fish farm design and construction
* Disease diagnosis and treatment
* Environmental Impact Reports
* Water quality monitoring
* Freshwater biological sampling
* Electric Fishing