Workplace & Domestic Firefighting

This four hour course covers all the essentials of preventing and extinguishing fires in the home and workplace.

This course involves the practical use of extinguishers (foam, CO2, dry powder), fire blankets and hose-reels. It covers practical steps to prevent fires starting, an understanding of the different fire classes, the action to take on discovering a fire, and the steps to take to extinguish them.

An ideal course for anyone wanting practical experience and familiarity in using typical extinguishers found in the workplace and the home, it is highly suitable for company employees to gain experience and it meets OSH requirements for providing suitable training in the fire-fighting equipment located in their workplace.

Candidates who successfully complete the Workplace & Domestic Firefighting course will receive:
NZQA Unit Standard 3271 “Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels”
A personalised certificate confirming attendance on the course.
A company sending employees on the course will also receive a certificate confirming this training.

Start Dates:
As required to suit you.

4 hours

Class Size:
Up to 12

Entry Requirement:

TBC please contact centre

NZQA and the Fire and Rescue Services Industry Training Organisation

Further information & enrollments:
Click here to email us, or contact us on 0800 DONT SINK